SpaceX Releases Video of Emergency Escape System Before Manned Flight on May 27


It is known that SpaceX will take an important step for the space industry on May 27, after years of detailed preparations. With the countdown for the long-awaited crew mission started, the company unveiled its emergency escape system test flight on January 19th with a video it shared on YouTube today.

SpaceX, a California-based space transportation company, where Elon Musk is the founder and CEO, is preparing for a crucial task. The company continues its operations day and night for the manned flight mission planned to start on May 27. Everyone is very excited about this movement, which is planned to be the first manned flight after years of waiting. The final tests of the vehicle named Crew Dragon, which will be used in the mission, are also carried out with great care.

The journey, which is expected to not take too long, is planned to end with the astronauts staying in ISS for a while. This launch, which will be the first manned mission of Crew Dragon, used in many missions for transportation, is important in many ways. The company, which is aware of this, looks very determined to make the works as clear as possible.

The video showing the last unmanned test flight has been released:

The video, which is a summary of the flight of Crew Dragon, which was known to fly unmanned on January 19, was released on the official YouTube channel today by SpaceX. The video, which attracted a lot of attention and reached high views in a short time, also received many comments. The images, including the flight control phase, showed how astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were involved in the test. It is one of the rare images that introduces the systems of the video rocket, where details are described, such as various security steps and many things that should happen in an emergency.

The video shows that SpaceX relies heavily on Crew Dragon, who has done many of his tasks so far, and aims to prove his hardware in terms of manned missions after this mission. In this sense, it is clear that Crew Dragon, which has passed hundreds of tests, does not face a problem that will require the postponement of the task for now. We will see in the coming days whether this important task can be accomplished on time.


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