SpaceX Releases Slow Motion Video of The Starship SN15 Test


SpaceX released on Thursday (13) a new video with incredible images of the successful flight test of Starship SN15, held on the last 5 days in Boca Chica, Texas (United States). At that time, the spacecraft’s prototype managed to land safely for the first time, without exploding.

In the video that is just over a minute long and brings images in slow motion, it is possible to check the SN15 taking off and reaching up to 10 km in height. The recording also reveals the Raptor engines in action, powered by liquid oxygen and methane, as well as showing other parts of the ship in operation.

After reaching the height defined by the company, the prototype begins to perform the maneuvers for the descent. The cameras show how it changes from the horizontal position, which helps to slow down, to the vertical, when approaching the ground, again activating the thrusters to finish the risky landing. Watch the video:

The successful test was of great importance for the company of Elon Musk, which plans to use the final version of the Starship to go to the Moon. The billionaire’s plans also include a trip to Mars with the gigantic 120m high spacecraft. and capacity to transport more than 100 tons.

Upcoming tests and orbital flight

Soon, SpaceX is expected to carry out further tests with the Starship prototypes. There is even the possibility that the SN15 will take off once again at the Texas base, to test the ship’s reusability. Meanwhile, the company is already working on the construction of the next models, SN16, SN17 and SN20.

An essential part of future space missions, the 50m tall Super Heavy rocket is also being built with prototypes. The company intends to perform the first Starship orbital flight in the second half of this year, but for that to happen it is necessary to use the booster.


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