SpaceX Produces a Starship Rocket Raptor Engine Every 48 hours


SpaceX: The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, revealed last Saturday (29) that, every 48 hours, the company manages to produce a unit of the Raptor engine. Announced in 2016, this equipment will be present in the Starship rockets — which, as announced by NASA, will be responsible for taking astronauts to the Moon by 2024 through the Artemis Program. If the mission is successful, the spacecraft will also be used by SpaceX to explore Mars.

The information was released by the businessman on Twitter in response to a comment from youtuber Tim Dodd, owner of the Everyday Astronaut channel, who questioned whether the rocket’s production was in a “bottleneck”. Quickly, Musk dismissed the hypothesis, denying a possible “gap” in production and still making it clear that manufacturing is in full swing.

Jeff Bezzos’ company criticizes SpaceX

Tim Dodd, however, was not the only one to raise doubts about SpaceX. After a few test flights carried out by the company that led to the explosion of prototypes, insiders of industry and the US government became wary. At the time, the Blue Origin astronautics company, founded by Jeff Bezos, took the opportunity to snipe its competitor: “The Human Landing System program needs competition, not delays.”

Musk reveals future improvements

In addition to rebutting speculation and criticism, Elon Musk gave more details about the engine. In another post on the social network, he said that currently each Starship rocket has 28 Raptor engines.

According to his forecast, however, this number will rise to 32 by the end of 2021, after the implementation of improvements and the increase in thrust, which will reach 7.5 thousand tons. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, thrust is basically a force that propels rockets into space.

With Jeff Bezos out of Amazon and dedicated to Blue Origin, competition should increase for SpaceX and, certainly, the amount of barbs exchanged between entrepreneurs could become even more intense.


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