SpaceX Plans To Launch Starlink Internet Globally In September


SpaceX: The internet provided by the Starlink satellite constellation of space exploration company SpaceX is expected to begin operating commercially and globally in September 2021.

The date was confirmed by the company’s president, Gwynne Shotwell, during a videoconference. “We have already successfully launched 1,800 satellites or more, and once these satellites reach their operational orbit, we will have continuous global coverage, which should happen in the September window,” says the executive.

Challenges ahead

However, it is worth remembering that each country needs to regulate and approve the provision of Starlink’s service before beginning operations. Pre-purchase for those interested in Brazil is not cheap: it costs US$ 99 just for registration.

Another problem recently discovered is temperature: a heat wave in the United States caused unscheduled shutdowns in the brand’s reception equipment, causing the signal to drop.

However, the impression of those who have already tested the connection is positive, especially in more remote locations with little network offer. Even customers like Google Cloud plan to offer signal from the satellites of the company founded by Elon Musk. The company also wants to sell the equipment for vehicles such as trucks, motorhomes and planes, further expanding its coverage and business possibilities.


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