SpaceX Negotiates With Airlines To Bring WiFi To Planes


SpaceX: Space exploration company SpaceX is in initial talks with airlines to provide an internet service for aircraft. The platform would be made possible by the Starlink satellite constellation.

“We have our own aviation project under development. We’ve done some demonstrations so far and we’re looking to finalize the product for placement in aircraft in the very near future,” said Vice President of Commercial Sales and Starlink Division, Jonathan Hofeller, during a panel presentation.

Without revealing the brands that have already opened negotiations, Hofeller said that SpaceX’s antennas for these and other vehicles have a similar look to the equipment for consumers on land, but with improvements and optimizations. There is no forecast for a partnership to be closed, but the company plans to launch commercial internet signal to homes and businesses by the end of 2021, when signal coverage reaches almost every corner of the planet.

a lot of work ahead

Another feature planned by SpaceX is stable connection even far from stations, as in the case of intercontinental trips and in the middle of oceans.

However, the current generation of Starlink satellites does not have the constellation interconnect technology to enable this, something that should only be added in the next batch of equipment.


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