SpaceX launches Starlink satellite with reusable rocket


The space exploration company SpaceX carried out another mission successfully this Sunday morning (14). This time, another 60 satellites of the Starlink project were launched from a Falcon 9 rocket.

The takeoff was on a Kennedy Space Center platform in the US state of Florida.

Check out the moment below:

The satellites are already in Earth’s orbit, being part of the “constellation” which is already composed of more than 1,000 units – 180 of them launched in the last two weeks.

The launch was also special because it was a new record for reusing a Falcon 9 model. The same rocket had been used eight times before, both on previous Starlink missions and on an unmanned flight of the Crew Dragon capsule.

The time when the satellites were decoupled was also recorded on video, confirming the success of the mission.

SpaceX’s plans for the satellite internet provided from the Starlink project are ambitious: it wants to use the signal even in trucks and aircraft, with a possible connection in most of the Earth by the end of 2021.


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