SpaceX Launches 60 More Starlink Satellites into Orbit


SpaceX launched 60 more satellites that will provide internet service from space within the scope of its Starlink project. With this launch, the company has placed the Starlink satellite in orbit for the fifth time in 2021 and for the twentieth time in total. If the rocket named Starship is completed, a new era will begin for Starlink.

Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX has been working on a project called Starlink for a while. The satellites that will provide the internet within the scope of this project, which aims to bring internet everywhere by filling the world with satellites, are sent to space piece by piece. The company, which sends 60 more satellites into orbit today, made 20 satellite transmissions for the fifth time in 2021.

Especially in countries like Turkey that could completely change the Internet experience with potential Starlink project, it began to be used by ordinary people as well a short time ago. In this context, SpaceX, which started a beta recording program, announced that it reached 10 thousand users a few days after launching the program. So today some people can already use Starlink’s internet service. The latest launch will ensure both reaching more users and improving the existing service.

If the Starship rocket can be completed, the Starlink project will progress very quickly.

Starlink isn’t the only project SpaceX has been working on. The company is also working on a rocket called Starship, which aims to transport people to extraterrestrial locations such as the Moon and Mars. In fact, this rocket ran a successful test last night, even though it eventually exploded. If this rocket project can be completed, a new era will begin for Starlink.


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