SpaceX Launches 52 Starlink Satellites And Two Customer Satellites Into Orbit


SpaceX, which sends 50 – 60 satellites to low orbit at each mission as part of the Starlink project, launched another Falcon 9 last night, carrying 52 satellites and 2 customer satellites. As a result of the SpaceX mission successfully completed, the number of satellites in orbit of the company increased to 1,677.

SpaceX, of which Elon Musk is the founder and CEO, continues to develop a project that changes the internet service in the world. Thousands of satellites moved to low orbit within the scope of Starlink service, which is partially available today, aim to provide uninterrupted and fast internet to the world. However, the targeted number of satellites is much higher than the current number of satellites.

SpaceX, which plans to place 42 thousand satellites in low orbit at an altitude of 550 kilometers from the earth, carried out a new Starlink mission called Starlink 27 last night. Taking off from Kennedy Space Center, the Falcon 9 rocket carried 52 Starlink satellites into orbit. The rocket also brought two different satellites into orbit along with the Starlink satellites.

The B1058 has been launched for the eighth time:

SpaceX’s 15th launch, the new mission, was completed without any problems. The Falcon 9 rocket, named B1058 and used in the mission, was a veteran of the company. This Falcon 9 has been launched for the eighth time. The rocket completed its eighth landing on the drone ship Of Course I Still Love You without any problems and started to wait for its ninth mission.

Falcon 9, along with 52 Starlink satellites, carried the satellites of both the company’s customers into orbit. These satellites were the imaging satellite of Capella Space company and Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems’ observation satellite named Tyvak 0130. These satellites will be placed in orbit before SpaceX own satellites.

SpaceX’s constant transport of 50’s and 60’s satellites into orbit has been reacting for a long time. SpaceX is allegedly blocking the signals of rival satellites, and concerns are raised over satellite dump. On the other hand, it is also stated that Starlink satellites have the risk of collision with different satellites from time to time, and SpaceX says nothing can be done about it. SpaceX has a total of 1,677 satellites in low orbit with the last mission.


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