SpaceX launch 100th rocket with record-breaking mission


The space transport company SpaceX carried out a historic launch last Sunday (30). The first reason is an important brand reached by the company led by Elon Musk. This is the 100th launch carried out by SpaceX, which began carrying out missions for private and government companies in 2006. This year alone, 15 successful takeoffs have already been carried out.

In addition, this was SpaceX’s first launch into polar orbit at Cape Canaveral. The route is different from the traditional one and involves a direction to the south, going around the east coast of Florida and passing through Cuba. Typically, rockets follow a path close to the equator, instead of crossing the poles of the Earth.

Another important fact involves the Falcon 9 used for takeoff: this was the fourth time that the same structure was used, reinforcing the company’s material reuse policy. The first stage rocket successfully returned to the ground.

The main cargo is a satellite from Argentina, SAOCOM 1B, in addition to two smaller equipment. Earlier on the same day, SpaceX also planned to send more components of the Starlink satellite network into space, but the launch was delayed because of unfavorable weather conditions.

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