SpaceX internet Starlink surpasses its competitors


Testers of the public beta of Starlink released by SpaceX on October 27 have reported speeds greater than 95% of conventional internet users in the United States.

Although SpaceX did not make bombastic predictions when it launched the beta for users who had signed up to test the service, some of them have already reported download speeds of more than 160 Mbps, measured with the Ookla provider’s speed test, which is a high value by American standards.

The e-mail sent to the testers, on the eve of the beginning of the beta, called by SpaceX “Beta Better than Nothing”, waved at a speed between 50 Mbps and 150 Mbps. The test involves a network of almost 900 satellites transmitting internet service to Earth.

Internet in the forest

A “fire test” for the system, which promises to deliver internet anywhere on the planet, was done by a Reddit user, called wandering-coder, last Saturday (31): he tested Starlink inside a national forest, about 24 kilometers from the service area of ​​local providers. It achieved 120 Mbps, measured by Netflix’s tool.

According to the Business Insider website, participation in Starlink’s public beta is costing users US $ 99 per month (about R $ 565), in addition to a one-time expense of US $ 499 for the router, tripod and terminal that allow the connection.

During this testing phase, the internet is interrupted for a few seconds every two minutes, a failure already predicted by SpaceX and communicated to users. But disruptions are likely to decrease until more satellites are launched until the predicted Starlink constellation is consolidated.

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