SpaceX has received a huge investment! Here is the point


Elon Musk, who managed to completely change the future of the automobile industry with Tesla, started to create the same effect for space as SpaceX. SpaceX, which has been working for Starlink, which has brought astronauts to space in the past months and will provide 1 Gbps internet from the satellite to the whole world, has received a significant investment.

SpaceX received $ 1.9 billion in investment

The investment news is no surprise, as the company has been known to have been seeking financing since the beginning of this year. Bloomberg said in a statement last week that the number of people who wanted to invest in the company was too high and that SpaceX increased the size of the investment after seeing this demand.

To get to the numbers: During this round of investment, SpaceX has secured a new $ 1.9 billion in funding. Thanks to this, the valuation of the company increased to 46 billion dollars.

It has not yet been announced which companies have a share in this investment. Bloomberg’s report states that Fidelity Investments is among the largest, but a statement confirming this did not come from either side. SpaceX’s recent success has made it a huge favorite for investors.

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