SpaceX denies interference with Amazon satellites


Amazon has not yet launched a single satellite out of 3,236 authorized by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), but its Kuiper constellation is already on a collision course with its future constellation “neighbors”: SpaceX’s Starlink network, from millionaire Elon Musk.

Last week, during a conference call with FCC members, SpaceX representatives vigorously rebutted claims by the Amazon subsidiary that changes to Starlink’s satellites could result in interference with Kuiper orbital devices once they are operational and in orbit. Source: FCC / FCC Reproduction

Amazon’s claims

The complaint, pending with the US regulator, involves detailed claims by Amazon reporting how a new altitude and orbital changes proposed by Starlink, and pending at the FCC, could directly impact its Kuiper constellation of internet satellites.

According to the report sent to the FCC by Amazon, the changes proposed by Starlink will make communication with its satellites through ground stations extremely difficult, as the change proposed by Starlink would increase the number of satellites visible in the sky.

But Amazon’s inquiries were not limited to the question of interference with communications with its own satellites. When presenting their considerations to the FCC, representatives from Amazon claimed that SpaceX devices would also suffer interference from Kuiper uplinks and downlinks, increasing the number of visible Starlinks in its three “orbital shells”.

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