SpaceX Delays Delivery Of Starlink Kits Due To Lack Of Chips


SpaceX: Claiming that the lack of chips is delaying production of its internet kits, SpaceX is forwarding apology emails to several customers who pre-ordered Starlink packages. The promise to those interested in the service, who paid US$ 100 (R$ 559) in advance in the first half of the year, was that the beta version of the satellite connection would be installed and operational by mid-2021.

According to Business Insider, several customers who had pre-ordered Starlink’s internet went to social media to complain that they will have to wait until 2022 to use the service they’ve been waiting for months. According to the website, the internet operator informed in the emails that customers can use their Starlink account to check the estimated time for delivery of the ordered equipment.

Cancellations and Deposit Return Requests

A Starlink user, who is waiting for his kit, has posted on Twitter the full email sent by the company to its customers. “Silicon shortages over the past six months have slowed our expected production rate and affected our ability to fill many Starlink orders this year,” the company says. The email ends with an apology and a promise of hard work “to increase our production rate”.

Sought by Business Insider to comment on numerous customer complaints, Starlink did not comment. According to the site, some of those people who placed orders simply asked for their $100 deposits to be returned, after waiting up to nine months for the antenna that would connect them to the 1,639 satellites in Earth orbit. Inhabitants of rural areas, most customers do not have the means to communicate with Starlink’s SAC.

Starlink presale has been available in Brazil since February. The company hoped to launch the technology in the country still in 2021, but clearly the goal is still far from being achieved.