SpaceX creates area on your website for people to submit questions about “mysterious project”


The past few weeks have been quite hectic for SpaceX, with the company on the eve of launching its first manned mission to the International Space Station (ISS – International Space Station). Several preparations have been made in the last few days for the launch of Falcon 9 to be carried out successfully. The company even managed to raise a total of US $ 567 million in financing for the project.

In another project, the company asked people to send pictures of their graduations to the company to make a mosaic with them and send it to space with the crew of the Dragon Crew mission.

But that was not the only way for the company to get people to interact with them on its website. In the last week, an area was inserted on the official SpaceX website with a link for visitors to send their questions about a “mysterious private passenger project.”

There is no information about what this project would be and why so much mystery. Perhaps it is about Dragon Crew itself, a mission that is scheduled to launch today, May 27, at 5:33 pm. But it could be related to one of the other plans that Elon Musk has for his company.

Earlier this year, the company entered into a partnership with Space Adventures for the “first orbital space tourism experience provided entirely with American technology”. In another project, in partnership with a Japanese billionaire, SpaceX signed an agreement for an excursion around the moon with the Starship spacecraft.

So there is no way to know, for sure, what the referred program is and if it refers to something already in progress or that is in the future plans of the company.

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It is worth remembering that the launch of the Dragon Crew aboard Falcon 9 will be broadcast by NASA and can be seen live.

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