SpaceX Cargo Dragon Returns to Earth With ISS Experiments


SpaceX: Next Tuesday (6), the version adapted for transporting supplies of the Crew Dragon spacecraft begins its journey back to Earth, bringing an important cargo. These are several experiments carried out aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Amidst the nearly 1-ton payload carried by the SpaceX spacecraft, will be a scientific investigation into drugs that can improve health in space. According to NASA, the results have application on Earth, especially in muscle health.

Materials from the in-orbit freeze-drying tests, which address the long-term storage of drugs and other resources on space missions, will also be returning on Cargo Dragon. It will feature several more experiments, including an investigation into how gravity affects oral bacteria.

Docked to the orbital laboratory since early June, the spacecraft carried more than 3 tons to the ISS, including supplies for the crew and equipment for scientific experiments. It also contained materials used by astronauts to exchange the station’s solar panels.

Watch live

Cargo Dragon’s return to Earth is scheduled to start at 12:00 (GMT) on Tuesday. SpaceX controllers will give the command to be able to decouple from the ISS and, five minutes later, will trigger the thrusters to start the process of re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

According to NASA, the landing should take place on Thursday (8), around 13:00. With the aid of parachutes, the capsule will descend into the sea, off the coast of Florida (USA), from where it will be recovered and transported to Kennedy Space Center.

Cargo Dragon’s return voyage will be broadcast live on NASA’s YouTube channel (link below) and on the US space agency’s website, starting at 11:45 am EDT on the 6th.


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