SpaceX blames heat for explosion on Falcon 9

SpaceX, billionaire Elon Musk’s company, announced that excessive heat was to blame for the failure of the Falcon 9 rocket to land on the 16th. The incident broke a series of 20 successful Falcon 9 booster landings.

The mission consisted of launching 60 Starlink satellites, which will offer high-speed internet around the world. They were successfully taken to the desired orbit, but the rocket propeller failed and failed to land on the vessel “Of Course I Still Love You”, which was waiting for it in the Atlantic Ocean. The engines were supposed to be turned off after the vehicle’s entrance was burned, but the vessel’s camera registered a strong glow in the distance, at the moment when the landing should have happened.

“This has to do with heat damage, but it is an ongoing investigation. That’s all I can say now, “said SpaceX senior adviser for construction and flight reliability, Hans Koenigsmann. During a session at the 47th Spaceport Summit on February 23, he added that the company was” close to getting it right “and fix the problem.

SpaceX customers are also assisting with investigations. The program manager for the International Space Station at NASA, Joel Montalbano, said the agency is studying the possibility of the flaw affecting the launch of Crew-2, scheduled for April 20. “We are working with SpaceX to better understand what happened, but it is still too early to say whether we will have any impact on the launch.” The mission is expected to take four astronauts.

SpaceX has not carried out any Falcon 9 releases since the failure. The next is scheduled for February 28.

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