SpaceX Begins Construction of The 1st Floating Spaceport


SpaceX announced the start of construction of its first floating spaceport. The aerospace company’s plans indicate that the site will be ready for activities from the beginning of next year.

On Twitter, CEO Elon Musk revealed more details about the Deimos project. Highlighted, an old oil rig will be converted into a dedicated area for launching and landing reusable rockets.

Earlier this year, SpaceX acquired two oil platforms for the creation of the Deimos and Phobos floating spaceports. The structures will serve as an offshore preparation field for actions with space vehicles.

In addition to the homage to the moons of Mars, the names are related to the function of the places. In the future, they will serve as a launching and landing base for Red Planet passenger and freight spacecraft.

Furthermore, SpaceX intends to create other spaceports such as Deimos close to the main centers of planet Earth. This will make the project to operate a global hypersonic spacecraft travel network viable.

For example, people will be able to travel between distant destinations like Beijing to New York on flights of about 30 minutes. However, the company must carry out tests with specific models of ships before starting the service.

SpaceX Advances

In recent months, SpaceX has made great strides towards the space vehicle program. Among them, the successful launch and landing test of the Starship SN15 carried out at Starbase – the company’s development facility in Texas.

At the moment, the company is preparing for the first orbital flight of a Starship spacecraft coupled to the Super Heavy booster rocket. As well, they are working on ground tests with the new Raptor engine.