Spacex: another Starship prototype explodes after launch


Another prototype of the Starship exploded in a test carried out by SpaceX, this Tuesday morning (30), in Texas. This time, the vehicle was launched in a heavy fog, making it impossible for anyone watching.

A camera on board the ship, however, showed the vehicle making a 10 km climb and turning off the engines. As it passed through the clouds, the Starship hovered for a few seconds and started descending back. At this point, on returning to the atmosphere, the vehicle appears to have undergone a kind of “turbulence” and exploded.

Photographer Trevor Mahlmann, who was in southern Texas to photograph the mission to the Ars Technica portal, realized that the region was laden with fog. He decided to go inside, where he could get a better view of the vehicle. According to Mahlmann, today’s maneuver was different from the others. The ship spun more around its axis during the descent, indicating that something went wrong right at the beginning of the return to Earth.

The SpaceX program consists of building a ship every three weeks. So, the next launch should take place next month.

The explosion follows a sequence of large-scale failures detected in the latest tests carried out by Elon Musk’s startup. As a consequence, the Federal Aviation Administration began to investigate the security measures of the launches.

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