Space Tourism: Startup Sells Balloon Travel Tickets


Space Tourism: As of this Wednesday (23), those interested in traveling to the “limit of space” in a capsule transported by balloon can already purchase the ticket. With an eye on the space tourism market, American startup Space Perspective has opened reservations for available seats on the spacecraft Neptune One.

With the first flight scheduled for 2024, the company will take space tourists to an altitude of 30 km, allowing them to enjoy a “dazzling view” of the Earth’s curvature. They will be aboard a pressurized and luxurious cabin, with capacity for eight people, in addition to the pilot.

Reclining chairs, bathroom, breakfast, drinks, Wi-Fi and anti-glare windows are some of the services offered in the nave. And the promise is a smooth ride, thanks to the special balloon the size of a football stadium, responsible for taking the Neptune One to the planned altitude.

According to Space Perspective, the trip starts before dawn, so passengers can see the sun rising above the Earth. In total, the expedition lasts six hours, with the landing taking place at sea, where a ship will be waiting for the tourists.

“Competitive price”

A seat on the Neptune One spacecraft costs US$ 125,000, equivalent to R$ 621,000 at the rate of the day. This is a very high price, but more affordable than that charged by companies such as Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, which use different technologies.

In Virgin’s case, reservations, which are no longer being accepted, cost from $200,000. Jeff Bezos’ company has already auctioned a seat on the inaugural flight, scheduled for July 20, for US$ 28 million.

Preparing for its debut, Space Perspective successfully completed Neptune’s first test flight last Friday (18th).


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