Space Sweepers: has revealed its blockbuster trailer!


Netflix intends to give Korean films a chance. Fans will soon be able to discover Space Sweepers. Korea will soon make its way to Netflix with the movie Space Sweepers. The channel will unveil a science fiction film that promises many twists and turns.

Netflix has to compete with other streaming platforms like Prime Videos or Disney. Thus, the channel has no shortage of ideas to keep its customers and offer them as much content as possible.

After putting Spain in the spotlight with La Casa de Papel and Elite, the chain will change continent and especially culture. Indeed, she wants to give a chance to a Korean science fiction film called Space Sweepers.

This film was due to be released in theaters in Korea in 2020. However, due to Covid-19, producers have had to revise their plans. Netflix therefore chose to have the rights to put it online for its customers.

Netflix is ​​preparing for the arrival of Space Sweepers and has uploaded a very first trailer. This one is explosive and the film may well appeal to fans of science fiction.


So what will Space Sweepers really talk about? The film will be set in 2092 when the Earth has been almost completely destroyed due to pollution. A group called the “Victories” have to go into space to pick up trash from the satellites.

Young people make money by finding as many things as possible. However, one day, they will discover a little robot with a child’s head. At first glance, the android looks innocent and even cute. Still, it is a very powerful weapon.

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Space Sweepers, Netflix's next sci-fi movie

After the discovery of this robot, the group will have to face many dangers. Battles in space and explosions are therefore expected in Space Sweepers. Netflix promises great entertainment and fans will not get bored watching this movie.

According to the trailer, the Victory team should be very engaging. In fact, the public will have the chance to reunite with actress Kim Tae-ri, known for having played in Mademoiselle. The film is scheduled to arrive on February 5.


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