Space Station Changes Its Orbit Due to Space Debris


The International Space Station had to perform an evasive maneuver to get rid of the garbage roaming in space last Thursday. The move was carried out as a security measure.

One of the most important problems of humanity is that we do not yet have an idea how to deal with our waste. Even in the clear sky we see on a sunny day, tons of garbage actually continues to be scattered in orbit.

The International Space Station (ISS) also has problems from time to time due to these garbage in space. Various waste materials such as old and obsolete satellites and rocket parts remain in orbit. Other vehicles also need to protect themselves from this high speed moving garbage.

ISS avoidance maneuver

In the incident on Thursday, the ISS maneuvered to get further away from a piece of debris that would pass within 10 kilometers. Two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut at the station also waited in the Soyuz shuttle during this process.

The reason for the positioning of the team members from the spacecraft was cited as the possibility that an emergency would occur during the maneuver and that the astronauts and cosmonauts may need to be evacuated. The effects of even the slightest maneuver and the slightest contact can be enormous due to excessive speed in orbit.

The maneuver performed is also not the first evasive maneuver in the station’s history. According to the statement from NASA, such maneuvers are carried out frequently. This week’s evasive move was the 25th maneuver in the station’s history.

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Maneuver successfully completed

Jim Bridenstine, the head of NASA, announced on Twitter that the maneuver was successfully completed and the astronauts left the “safe house”. It was suggested that the structure called the safe house is the Soyuz module that will allow astronauts to escape in case of any disaster.

The International Space Station has been serving scientists who want to reveal the secrets of the universe for many years. Located at an altitude of about 410 kilometers, the ISS has a speed of more than 27500 kilometers per hour. A big collision at this speed will result in disaster.


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