Space Party, A High-Rise Party Game


Space Party: If you like to get together with several friends to enjoy party games in local multiplayer mode, this can be a very good addition to your catalog. What is Space Party? To sum it up in a nutshell, this is a party game for up to eight players similar to Pong, but with several twists to make it more interesting. In this title, instead of facing the rest of the players (or the bots of the machine) using straight blades, we must do it using planets, that is, spherical surfaces, which gives a very interesting twist to the mechanics. The goal is still to score on enemy goals while defending our own, but the range of action has increased, making things more difficult.

The variations do not end there: we can choose, when configuring the game, how many projectiles each player will launch, the speed at which they will go, the duration of the combat, the number of special events that will take place, etc. Speaking of the latter, these are mid-game events that will change the playing field. From a black hole that modifies the trajectory of the balls to rotating the entire stage to fight on the move, these events are sure to spice up the game and raise the level of difficulty.

But this is not the only thing we can do to make things more interesting. And it is that we can also load the projectiles to make them bigger, turn them into arrows that move faster, transform them into asteroid balls to block the projectiles of the opponents and thus prevent them from scoring, or use hologram balls to deceive our enemies. In short, we have several options at our disposal to add an element of strategy to each game.

Although playing with the machine is fun, and we can program it up to four different levels of difficulty, this title shines more when we play it with friends in local multiplayer mode. The interesting thing is the number of players, which amounts to eight, which makes it an ideal option when several friends come over and we want to entertain ourselves with a party game.