Space mission launches rocket the last week of August


The end of August will be busy for those who like to follow the space launches. Until next Sunday (30), at least four missions are scheduled, three of them taking place in Cape Canaveral, Florida (United States).

The first takes place at dawn on Thursday (27), with the launch of the Delta IV Heavy rocket from the United Launch Alliance (ULA). It must take off at 2:12 am (or 3:12 am GMT) to put the US Department of Defense spy satellite NROL-44 into orbit.

On Friday (28), we will have another launch in Florida, at 19:19 (20h19 in Brasília), with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 taking the SAOCOM 1B satellite from the National Commission for Space Activities of Argentina. Elon Musk’s company will also take action on Sunday (30), to send new units of the Starlink satellites into space, whose takeoff is scheduled for 10:08 am (11:08 am in Brasília).

The event scheduled for Saturday (29) is the launch of Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket, carrying a satellite from the company Capella Space, which will take place in Auckland, New Zealand, at 3:05 am (10:05 pm on the 28th of Brasília time). There is also the possibility of the first orbital mission of the startup Astra, departing from Alaska, which was scheduled for the end of August.

How to watch it live?

For fans of space launches, the good news is that this week’s missions will be broadcast live over the internet. Anyone who wants to follow the takeoff of Delta IV from the ULA, for example, can watch it through NASA’s YouTube channel, at the link below (the exhibition starts 20 minutes before the ignition):

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Takeoffs from Falcon 9 can be seen on the SpaceX website, with the broadcast also starting minutes before launch, while the Rocket Lab mission will be shown on the company’s page.

It is worth remembering that the launches may change time and date, depending on local weather conditions.


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