Space Jam 3: Director Wants The Rock to Act in Possible Sequel


Space Jam 3: The movie Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) has barely opened in theaters and rumors about a third film in the franchise are already circulating around the internet. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Malcolm D. Lee claimed that actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could take on the role of LeBron James in Space Jam 3.

For Lee, the actor from Velozes & Furiosos e Adão Negro (2022) would be an “interesting choice” for the protagonist if Warner Bros. decide to perform a new sequence. It is noteworthy that there was a 25-year hiatus between the Space Jam 2 movie and the original saga, which starred former Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan.

Space Jam 3: Sequel Possibility Is Real?

In Space Jam: A New Legacy, global NBA icon LeBron James joins the Looney Tunes for a basketball match earning the safety of his son (Cedric Joe) against an evil Artificial Intelligence (AI) named Al-G Rhythm ( Don Headle).

When asked about the possibility of releasing a third movie, Malcolm D. Lee said it all depends on the response of fans. “It will all be the result of a positive response from them (fans). But I think we’ve set a bar with the appearances of Michael Jordan and LeBron James, who transcend the sport,” he commented.

However, it is possible that Warner wants to get away from the world of the NBA for an eventual new movie. “Who is the next person to be placed in this universe? We would have to find a script and story that is good enough not to repeat what was done, but that captures the spirit of the work and keeps everything in place,” said Lee .

Choose by The Rock

When asked who would be his favorite global star to act in Space Jam 3, Lee didn’t flinch in his answer. “Dwayne Johnson would be a great choice. I don’t know exactly what his abilities would be, maybe he’ll go back to wrestling. That would be really intriguing,” he joked.

Between 1996 and 2004, Johnson became one of the biggest stars of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It was also during this period that he ended up receiving national recognition in the United States and was nicknamed “The Rock” within the rings.


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