Space Force: Bad news for fans of the series after Netflix announcement


Office creator Greg Daniels and star Steve Carell have reunited to co-create Netflix’s new original series Space Force, a comedy inspired by the United States Space Force. Its release in May 2020 got a very good review. However, after the numbers of the second season, the streaming giant has made a tough decision.

The second season of Space Force premiered in February 2022, after several production problems, when it was transferred from Los Angeles to the city of Vancouver in Canada. In addition to the changes in the writers room, things began to change. However, this launch does not seem to have convinced the Netflix platform and it decided on April 29, 2022 to cancel it.

From the information that has been coming out, Space Force season 2 needed to exceed expectations for Netflix to renew the series for a third installment, but that didn’t happen. Although many other factors go into cancellation and renewal decisions at Netflix.

According to the Deadline website, which was the first to reveal the news of the cancellation of Space Force by Netflix, it assured that the premiere of season 2 did not go very well, that it did not even make it into the Top 10. In fact , the program also did not reach the top 10 in the Nielsen broadcast lists (company of information, data and market measurement of television networks and streaming platforms).

Netflix tracks and compares audience versus cost when making these renewal and cancellation decisions. In other words, shows with a higher budget need more viewership to justify the platform ordering another season, unless it’s a show that has massive popularity rather than views.

But, the reality is that Space Force had great stars like John Malkovich, Tawny Newsome, Jimmy O. Yang, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Don Lake, Steven Carell and many other cast members. Which means that the budget that was stipulated for the series was relatively high compared to other programs on the Netflix platform.

The main cast members are expected to issue a statement to the fans who were waiting for the release of Space Force season 3, where they will surely thank all the fans for the support they received during these two years.