Space exploration! China prepares mission with rover and probe to Mars for July


Space exploration towards Mars gains a new participant. China is preparing to send a robotic rover to analyze the surface and install an orbital probe on the “Red Planet”.

The mission will serve as the debut of the Chinese space program. In addition, the initiative is expected as a way for the Asian country to intensify competition with the United States in the astronomy segment.

Altogether, NASA has already sent four rovers to Mars, with a fifth – Perseverance – also scheduled for July. The mission will consist of returning only in the month of February 2021, with the aim of bringing a “piece” of Martian rocks to Earth.

To advance the competition, China also has more space plans for the future. One is to send a manned probe with Chinese astronauts to the Moon. The other, scheduled for 2022, intends to launch an orbital research platform just above our planet.

Meanwhile, the American agency plans to conduct a new test with Crew Dragon on Wednesday (27), which – in partnership with SpaceX – will make a manned flight with two astronauts. NASA still intends to create international cooperation in space – with a focus on the Moon – through a set of rules it has established.

It remains to be seen whether China will be able to stand up to US competitors – NASA and SpaceX – in exploring other planets and Earth’s natural satellite.

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