Space Exploration — a Nightmare on the Rubicon [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant can exclusively present an excerpt from the new Austrian sci-fi thriller “Rubicon”, which is released in theaters on July 1 and will be available simultaneously on request. In the new film from IFC Films, Julia Franz Richter, George Blagden (“Vikings” and “Les Miserables”) and Mark Ivanir (Barry) will play future space explorers who find themselves in a desperate situation.

The action of the film “Rubicon”, directed by Leni Laurich and co-written by her and Jessica Lind, takes place in the near, but incredibly gloomy future. Three decades later, deadly toxic air pollution made the Earth uninhabitable. While millions of people are dying and the poor are suffocating from the atmosphere, rich corporations are hiding behind protected bio-domes. This puts the crew members of the Rubicon space station Hannah (Julia Franz Richter), Gavin (George Blagden) and Dmitry (Mark Ivanir) before a difficult choice: to risk themselves to save their fellow humans, or to save themselves for a new world.

In the exclusive clip of Screen Rant, tension heats up while Gavin and Dmitry nervously wait for Hannah’s return after checking the atmosphere. Soon they receive a frantic message from Vesta Capsule. Although none of the trio can make out what exactly is being shouted before contact is lost, Hannah turns around and sees a terrifying vision that is not yet obvious to viewers.

Laurich’s influences range from “Solaris” and “Star Trek” to “Out of the Car,” all of which can be felt in the tone and scale of the clip above. The tension is already off the scale just because of the room, but viewers will have to watch The Rubicon on July 1 to find out if these three brave astronauts can save their people or even themselves.

As can be seen from the playbill shown below, Rubicon pays great attention to creating the growing horror that Hannah and the team feel when the world begins to dissolve before their eyes. Despite being a work of science fiction, its premise is rooted in a very real concern for the environment, and viewers should consider it when investing in the plight of the Rubicon crew members.

Other recent releases by IFC Films include the psychological horror film “The Watcher” starring Maika Monroe and Bern Gorman, as well as the artful and frightening Finnish horror TV movie “Hatching”. The duration of the Rubicon is 110 minutes.