Southern Charm: Why Shep Rose will Never be able to commit


Recently, news broke that Southern Charm’s Shep Rose was back on the market, making fans feel like he was doomed from the start when it came to love. The 42-year-old man stuck to his old habits, revealing that he never wanted to be tied up. Now followers believe he may have used his last chance at love.

Since the show “Southern Charm” was launched in 2014, Shep has been in the spotlight due to the fact that he dated several women. The kid from the trust fund suffered from Peter Pan syndrome, as he flatly refused to grow up. He prefers to surf all day and have fun all night. Fans are getting a little more information about Shep’s lifestyle after he made it clear for years that he would never follow the status quo. Fans thought he had finally settled down with Taylor Green, but the couple recently announced their separation after three years of relationship, which left Shep alone again.

In the latest issue of “Southern Charm”, viewers learned very interesting news from Craig Conover from Sewing Down South. It seems that whenever Shep left town, he cheated on Taylor. Viewers saw men at a bowling party where Shep snuck into a bar, flirting and buying drinks for another woman. This revelation led followers to believe that he was incapable of any sincere and lasting commitment. Fans also witnessed the emergence of double standards due to the fact that his cousin Marcie Hobbs was invited to the show. Adding a family member showed another side of Shep, and that’s not a good thing.

Viewers of “Southern Charm” learned from Marcie that although her family pursued her to settle down and get married, her relatives did not pursue Shep for not being married, simply because he is a man. For fans who have watched the show since day one, it seems that Shep was encouraged to lead a playboy lifestyle, and now he’s become so good at it that he doesn’t want to stop. Despite the fact that Shep’s fortune is an astounding $ 4 million, he learns from his own experience that money cannot buy love.

Shep is currently in Charlotte, North Carolina with Craig and Austen Kroll to enjoy a walk with other guys. The three friends look like they’re trying to mend their relationship, but not before Shep annoys Taylor by playing on her insecurities. He told her that he had been surrounded by women all night. Southern Charm fans think he’s just not cut out to be a boyfriend, and will probably live out his days as a single guy, going on dates every night.


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