Southern Charm: Why Fans Think Katherine and Bread’s Relationship Was Fake


In the latest episode of Southern Charm, Katherine Dennis and Bread Ravenell shared their emotional breakup, but fans believe their relationship was never genuine. Catherine has been an ambiguous actor since the first season of Southern Charm. The tall red-haired beauty attracted the attention of many actors, but she targeted Thomas Ravenel, who is 29 years older than her. Catherine and Thomas have had a tumultuous relationship for many years, and now they have two children, Kensington and St. Ravenel. Despite attempts to mend their relationship, disagreements arose between them, and they became embroiled in a custody battle.

Catherine became embroiled in another scandal when she tweeted a monkey emoji to a black radio host in 2020. Many fans criticized Catherine for her offensive tweet, but the “Southern Charm” star said it had nothing to do with race. She publicly apologized for her “deaf” use of the monkey emoji and promised to think about her actions. Soon after, Catherine began dating Bread, an African-American. Many fans, along with her colleagues in the film “Southern Charm”, wondered if Catherine was dating Bread for damage control. After more than a year of dating, they broke up.

Fans of “Southern Charm” briefly saw the interaction of Catherine and Bread in the first few episodes of season 8, but doubt the legality of their relationship. Reddit user u/KatieB_3 shared: “Personally, I don’t believe Catherine and Bread have ever been in a real relationship… I sincerely think it was a relationship that was mutually beneficial. Catherine partially restored her image, and Bread got the fame that I always wanted.” The star of “Southern Charm” Leva Bonaparte also doubted Catherine’s strategic move, and Reddit user Salad_sanga agreed: “I 100% thought, OK, she doubles down on not being racist by dating him when we saw excerpts at the end of season 7…”.

Many agreed with the opinion of the author of Reddit and shared their confusion when the Bread left their house for five days, and Catherine had no idea where it was. Fans of “Southern Charm” wondered if it was editing, but it seems there was no connection between Catherine and Bread at that time period. However, others believe that their relationship was real when viewers saw Catherine’s close relationship with Bread’s mom, Debbie. Reddit user loveandlight42069 wrote: “I feel like the relationship was real, but they had already broken up before filming even started. And they had to sort of recreate their relationship and breakup. I don’t know, it was all weird and sad.”

Although fans of “Southern Charm” disagree on whether Catherine’s relationship with Bread was real, many agree that they quickly fell in love with the new actor. Fans praise Bread for his cute demeanor and temperament; compared him to his co-stars in the film, Austin Kroll and Shep Rose. Many believe that Catherine has not shown growth since the first season, and Bread seems to have had a good effect on her. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long, but fans of “Southern Charm” are happy to see Bread on the show.