Southern Charm: Why Bread called the reason for Catherine’s split an “excuse”


Bread Ravenell from Southern Charm does not believe Catherine Dennis’ excuse for their breakup and tells the fans his opinion. The couple seemed to get along well over the past few months, but cracks appeared in their foundation. Fans are watching their relationship come to an end in the new season.

Despite all her drama, the 30-year-old had fans who thought she had found love again after a toxic relationship with disgraced South Carolina treasure, Thomas Ravenel. The new man in Catherine’s life was Bread, who coincidentally bears the exact surname, but has nothing to do with Catherine’s ex-boyfriend. For several months, the Southern Charm star has been sharing post after cute couple post. Bread even met her children, Kenzi and Saint. The audience sincerely believed that the couple could get to the altar, but, unfortunately, another of Catherine’s relationships went to pieces.

The gap between Bread and Catherine was not exactly friendly. According to page six, Bread revealed that Catherine used her children as an “excuse” to end their affair. In “Southern Charm,” Bread made it clear that he considers Catherine a wonderful mother, noting that he never believed that Keniz or Saint were a factor in the collapse of their relationship. As fans learned from last week’s issue, Catherine could only see her children on weekends when Bread worked the most, noting that it was difficult to spend quality time with them. Bread also shared with fans that, according to Thomas’ rules, he was not allowed to play an important role in the children’s lives.

Unfortunately, Bread didn’t feel like part of the family. Fans of “Southern Charm” believe that Bread loved Catherine more than she loved him. The new star of “Southern Charm” said that they no longer talk, but he still wishes her all the best. Many fans believe that Bravo’s two personalities shouldn’t have worked. Bread gives the impression of a down-to-earth guy with almost no drama, while Catherine’s whole life has been consumed by it.

Currently, in the 8th season of “Southern Charm”, fans are watching Bread trying to get Catherine back, but without success. Catherine also solves her problems with Naomi Olindo and Venita Aspen. Catherine does not show her kind side as she continues to go face to face with the women who she believes have offended her. Now that the Bread is back on the market, it looks like it will spend some time on itself.


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