Southern Charm: Who were Patricia Altshul’s three husbands?


Patricia Altschul mentioned her three marriages several times in Southern Charm, and fans are curious to know more about her husbands. As the star of “Southern Charm” and the mother of producer Whitney Sadler-Smith, Patricia has been a matriarchal figure in the series since the first season. She often invited actors to her luxurious home in Charleston to drink specialty drinks prepared by her now retired butler Michael Kelkurs.

Fans of “Southern Charm” like Patricia’s comments on the life of actors, especially Shep Rose and Austin Kroll. Patricia was a staunch supporter of “Southern Charm” star Madison Lecroy and often outshone Austin, telling Madison that she could have done better than her ex. Madison is now engaged to Brett Randle, and although fans haven’t seen him in the series yet, Patricia has given her consent to a diamond ring.

Although Patricia has married famous men, she is successful in her own right. She was well known in society and in her younger years taught art history at George Washington University. Patricia Altschul became a private art dealer specializing in late 19th century American art. Patricia was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and grew up in Virginia, where she eventually settled with her first husband.

Lon Hayes Smith

Patricia’s first husband and Whitney’s father was Lon Hayes Smith, whom she married in 1962 when she was twenty years old. Lon was an investment banker and financial advisor who left Morgan Stanley in 2004. Patricia told Town & Country that she never wanted a big wedding and instead held an intimate ceremony with only Lon and their mothers in front of the minister. The couple divorced in 1979, but Patricia and her ex-husband remained close until Lou’s death in 2021.

Dr. Edward Stitt Fleming

Patricia married her second husband, Dr. Edward Stitt Fleming, in 1989. According to The Washington Post, the distinguished physician founded the Washington Psychiatric Institute and the Psychiatric Institutes of America in 1969. Like Patricia, Dr. Fleming was associated with George Washington. university and worked at the clinical faculty until 1983. Patricia married Dr. Fleming on his yacht and married the trustee of their bank. The couple divorced in 1995, after just six years of marriage.

Arthur Altshul

Arthur Altschul was the third and richest husband of Patricia. Arthur was an investment banker and shared Patricia’s love of art collecting. They married in 1996 and settled on Long Island. They lived in a mansion called “Southern”, which had eight bedrooms, a swimming pool and a servants’ wing. Patricia and Arthur Altschul also owned an apartment on Fifth Avenue overlooking the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Like her other two weddings, Patricia’s third ceremony was simple and took place in their Manhattan apartment. They were married by a judge and celebrated with Whitney and Arthur’s children from his previous marriage. Unfortunately, Arthur died in 2002 at the age of 81. Patricia shared that she is not averse to getting married again, but at the moment the grand dame “Southern Charm” remains fabulously lonely.