Southern Charm: Craig Conover Clarifies Timeline with Naomi and Paige


The star of the films “Southern Charm” and “Summer House” Craig Conover clarified and clarified his relationship with Paige DeSorbo and Naomi Olindo and told whether there was any intersection between the two women. Craig got to know Summer House after his appearance in “Winter House,” a spinoff series featuring most of the cast of “Summer House,” some familiar faces from “Southern Charm,” and newcomers, including fan favorite Andrea Denver. The explosive series led to the sixth season of “Summer House”, where the drama of “Winter House” only intensified. Craig appeared with his longtime best friend Austin Kroll, who quickly shook up the dynamic, sparking a love triangle between herself, Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller.

While Austin pursued both Lindsay and Ciara, much to the chagrin and dismay of both the audience and the rest of the cast, another love triangle flared up between Craig, Paige and Andrea. During the “Winter House”, Andrea and Paige flirted a lot and even kissed several times. However, Paige made it clear that she expected Andrea to work on their relationship, and often kept him at arm’s length while she reflected on what she wanted and expected from the relationship. Meanwhile, at the time Craig was still dating Natalie Hegnauer, so she and Paige have never been more than friends. However, when Summer House started, Craig was single and had his eye on Paige. For a while, the two did not become exceptional, despite their mutual attraction, as Craig dated other women outside the house, and Paige continued to juggle Andrea and Craig.

During the premiere of “Southern Charm”, Craig surprised his colleagues on the set when he revealed that he and his ex-girlfriend Naomi met after bumping into each other in Las Vegas in June 2021. In an interview with Watch What Happens Live, as reported by The Daily Dish, Craig clarified the timing, noting that filming of the 6th season of “Summer House” began only in July, after he and Naomi were together. “Paige knew the whole time,” Craig said of his run—in with his ex. “The guys were the only ones who didn’t, because we didn’t hang out much. And Austin doesn’t know how to keep secrets at all.”

It took Craig and Paige a while to be exclusive, so technically he was in the clear when it came to defecting with Naomi. Nevertheless, host Andy Cohen continued to investigate the relationship between Paige and Naomi, who met during the filming of “Southern Charm”. When asked if he was nervous about meeting his ex and current girlfriend, Craig said, “No.” — maniacs, so I was a little nervous when she came down, because this is such an incestuous city. I mean, you’re with exes all the time, with multiple exes,” he explained.

Craig and Paige have been exclusive for some time, and although they got off to a rough start, they are now happily dating. The couple has been official on Instagram for a while and even told each other: “I love you.” Paige said she wasn’t ready to move in with Craig, but the couple was strong. While the Summer House certainly serves drama, it has also proven to be a great place to find love.