Southern Charm: An interview with Naomi Olindo


Naomi Olindo debuted in the third season of “Southern Charm” as Craig Conover’s girlfriend, and fans quickly fell in love with the French beauty. Naomi and Craig took their relationship to a new level by moving in together for season 4. Unfortunately, their different goals and career paths led to disagreements between the two stars with each other. Naomi worked at her parents’ restaurant and also went to school to get her master’s degree. Meanwhile, Craig spent his day sewing and gardening, much to Naomi’s disappointment.

After almost three years of marriage, Naomi and Craig broke up in 2017. They continued to act together in “Southern Charm”, and in the end they managed to maintain friendly relations. In season 6, Naomi introduced the audience to her boyfriend Metul Shah, who was working as an anesthesiologist in Charleston at the time. After season 6, Naomi announced that she was leaving Southern Charm and moving to New York with Metul. Soon after her move, she discovered that the doctor was cheating on her, and rushed back to Charleston.

Fans will be glad to see Naomi again in the 8th season of “Southern Charm”, where she talks about how she lost herself in a relationship with Metul. In the season premiere, Naomi reveals that he often turned her into a smaller version of himself, and viewers will be glad to see her again as a strong single woman. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Naomi talks about her breakup, seeing Craig again, and what to expect from the 8th season of Southern Charm.

At the premiere of the 8th season of “Southern Charm”, you said that you returned after breaking up with Metul, with your tail between your legs, and started all over again. What caused the beginning from the beginning?

I needed to find a new home, and I was very grateful that I hadn’t sold my car yet, but I needed to take inventory of my life and what I needed to work on to become the best version of myself. This included reaching out to Craig and apologizing for what I felt I did to him or said it was rude and needed to be apologized for, and how to prepare to do something differently. There were a lot of things that I did and said in previous seasons that didn’t fit my essence, so redoing it was a big motivation.

When you talked to Venita Aspen about meeting Craig in Vegas, it seemed that at that time you had some residual feelings. Did you have any hope that you would rekindle your relationship with Craig?

No, I think it’s some kind of misconception. I just saw part of the episode and I was really surprised by how important it was that we saw each other. I think it wasn’t as important to Craig and me as it was meant to be. I think I heard the part where Catherine said, “She loves him,” and that’s not true. But it was more of a closure and a consolation, like I know you and trust you, and it wasn’t for long. And we went our separate ways. Neither side had any plans to revive and get back together. I was very surprised to see people talking about it because it wasn’t a problem for me.

You were very silent about your meeting with Craig in Vegas, but there were so many other people who talked about it. How did you feel about it?

At the time, I had no idea that so many people were talking about it. It’s not that I was necessarily silent. I just don’t think it’s a great form to walk around and say, “Guess who I slept with.” That’s not what I usually say. Then to say that shooting is a completely different matter. I just didn’t think it was anything serious.

How did you feel when Catherine said at the premiere that maybe you would apologize to her for criticizing the rumors about Cameron last season?

I chuckled a little. I guess I should have expected that. I didn’t think about it at the time, but I probably should have anticipated it knowing Katherine’s models. I guess I should have known.

What was your reaction to Catherine inviting you to her party?

I was surprised, but I knew it probably wouldn’t be good because I knew how I felt about the situation. I know what’s true, and she knows what’s true, too, so she may have been a little aggressive. I think I was surprised, but I was hoping that maybe it just meant that we could be cordial with each other. We’ll never be friends, but you don’t have to be friends with everyone. I just didn’t expect her to explode like that.

It seemed like when you went to her party, she wanted you to say: “I want to talk to you, let’s step aside and talk about it,” and you didn’t give her that. What do you think about her reaction?

When I walked in, I don’t think you can see it in the show, but she looked at me from head to toe and it was very embarrassing.