South Korean Netizens Respond to Facts Released by Dispatch Regarding Kim Seon Ho’s Problem


When rumors about actors K and Kim Seon Ho came out as these people, South Korean netizens flocked to reject the rising actor to leave the entertainment world.


‘Cancel Culture’ targeted Kim Seon Ho because of the problem and got Seon Ho kicked out of the various brands he advertised.

However, today (26/10), Dispatch has released various facts showing that Kim Seon Ho’s ex-lover has ‘twisted’ the existing facts and ‘presented’ various new facts in detail.

In response to this, South Korean netizens are now making various comments in response to shocking facts from Dispatch.

“This is why we have to listen from both sides. Kim Seon-ho kept his ex by not speaking. On the other hand, what kind of life does he (former Kim Seon Ho) lead that even his acquaintances have something to say?”

“I was afraid to be called a (crazy) fan of Kim Seon-ho so I didn’t write any comments (to defend him), but it was very refreshing (reading the article)”

“I feel sorry for Kim Seon-ho

“Isn’t that saying everything when even his acquaintances have to speak up? How much could they take it no longer that even their acquaintances spoke up? ”

“This is the first time I’ve seen Dispatch protect someone with all its heart. Dispatch must have been furious when they first saw it.”

“Dispatch is like his personal attorney. They must be upset when they gather the news.”

Meanwhile, SALT Entertainment, as the agency of Kim Seon Ho, has also given its response to the facts released by Dispatch.


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