South Korean cinemas start to rent screens for gamers


Every gamer dreams of playing on a big screen and with spectacular sound. Due to the lack of films and customers, South Korea’s CVG cinemas had an idea to support themselves during the pandemic period: renting screens for video game lovers. And isn’t it working?

Even with the restriction of people, up to four gamers can use one room at a time, for 2 hours and for the amount of US $ 90.00. If the reservation takes place after 6 pm, the price rises to US $ 130.00.

To rent it is necessary to bring the console and games. In this way they can be connected to the screens. The satisfaction among the players is enormous, as described by Eui Jeong Lee. According to the 25-year-old student, the experience of playing in the cinema is spectacular. “The sound of the shots is so vivid and when something came towards me, I even screamed,” he added.

Since the service started operating, South Korean cinema has rented the space 130 times. The majority of clients are men, between 30 and 40 years old. Some families and couples also rented the space for fun.

In order to have an idea of ​​the financial crisis that the sector is experiencing, ticket sales, worldwide, fell 71%, reducing the annual revenue by almost 3 times, according to the specialized magazine Variety. In the United States, the largest cinema chain, AMC, had to raise $ 917 million to avoid an imminent bankruptcy.

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