South Korea can track people with electronic wristband!


The South Korean Government is considering enforcing the use of electronic wristbands to implement quarantine measures to control the spread of Covid-19. Yoon Tae-ho of the South Korean Ministry of Health said in a newsletter published on Tuesday that they have many options to monitor those in quarantine.

The level of control will further increase with monitoring wristbands
“Most of the quarantine follow protocols well, but there are some violations,” said Yoon. We will find the most effective measure for this. If people do not follow the rules of isolation for themselves, this could make the government take various measures. ” said. Yoon stated that they are considering making inquiries with bracelets, such as random phone checks and home visits without notice. South Korea has previously used a smartphone app to monitor people under Corona virus measures. But people also found a deficit in this method. Some people left their phones at home, while others turned off to track their location.

Minister Yoon added that the government is also aware of the negative thoughts about using electronic wristbands. As of Monday, 18.00, the South Korean government ordered 46,566 people to be quarantined, and 36,424 of them were newcomers from abroad. The government has increased the measures against those who violate two-week isolation or misinform the quarantine process to a one-year prison sentence or a $ 8,172 fine.

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