South Korea on alert for the Coronavirus


South Korea on alert for the Coronavirus. This disease puts K-pop fandoms and idols on alert.

The coronavirus continues to worry the world because of its contagion, there are no vaccines yet and it has already caused the death of people outside of China. Recently the warning lights came on after South Korea registered an accelerated increase in those infected, there are currently about 433 cases.

The emergency has frightened the authorities, fans and citizens, because practically, the coronavirus patients doubled overnight .

According to information from Korean media, the city of Daegu would be the main area of ​​infection, as it was reported that a man who contracted the virus attended a church several times without realizing that he was a carrier of the disease, so far, there are More than 500 people under observation.

This also alert fans of. K-pop, who are worried about idols , has even already canceled several events in Korea to avoid further contagion. It is not known if there will be any kind of quarantine, cancellation of trips and daily activities so as not to expose artists and fandoms.


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