Source code for original Xbox and Windows NT 3.5 leaks online


The full source code for the original Xbox was leaked online. In addition, Microsoft also missed an almost completed edition of Windows NT 3.5. The company confirmed the leaks to The Verge and said it was “investigating the situation”.

According to the website, the information has been running on the web since last month. The most controversial leak is the first Xbox, which even includes the kernel of the device’s operating system. The leaked documentation also includes manuals, developer kits and emulators used by Microsoft in console hardware testing.

According to The Verge, the original Xbox features a customized operating system based on Windows 2000, with optimizations for DirectX 8. The product hit the market in the early 2000s and was one of the main rivals of the PlayStation 2, currently the best-selling console in history.

The large volume of information leaked can be useful for those who develop emulators for the first Xbox. As Microsoft Power User explains, there are several software that try to replicate the console system, however, even after 20 years of its launch, the tools still do not deliver a satisfactory result.

It is worth remembering that Microsoft also has its own “official emulator” of the original Xbox: the Xbox One. Thanks to the company’s backwards compatibility program, the video game is able to run certain games from the company’s previous generations of consoles. The Xbox Series X, the brand’s next release, will also feature support for previous platform titles.

Windows NT 3.5 also leaked
In addition to the original Xbox, Microsoft also recently missed the Windows NT 3.5 source code. The leak was also compromising and includes all the main information present in an almost completed edition of the operating system, which was launched in 1994.

The software was officially discontinued by Microsoft in 2001 and use of the platform is currently quite limited. With that in mind, the leak should not be considered a major safety issue. Still, if you are still using the OS, we highly recommend upgrading to a newer edition.


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