Soundtrack to House 2: Listen to BJ Burton’s new track [EXCLUSIVE]


Screen Rant has the honor to exclusively present a key track from the soundtrack for the second season of the Apple TV documentary series “House”. The world premiere of the 2nd season of “Houses” will take place on June 17. It is created by A24 and explores some of the most amazing and innovative houses around the world in terms of architecture. Grammy-nominated producer B.J. Burton has been actively involved in the work on the music, and one of his works will be presented today.

Each episode of the second season of the TV series “House” is dedicated to the incredible imagination of various dreamers who have built their dream homes around the world. The second season will send viewers on a world tour of the Netherlands, South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Iceland and other countries. As each homeowner shares their unique story, they are sure to have an indelible impact on the audience and create a stronger sense of community.

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Home 2 — Original Series Soundtrack is a great sound experience that uses music from a wide variety of composers. In addition to B.J. Burton, whose track “Spin” can be exclusively listened to on Screen Rant, the soundtrack also contains music written by the team of hip-hop producer and co-founder of A Tribe Called Quest Adrian Young and Al Shahid Mohammed, as well as the duo Asuka Matsumiya and Kali Wan. Read on for a more complete list of artists.

The two-minute composition “Spin” is only a small part of the equally classical and experimental perfection that awaits listeners on the full album. Watch the track from the second season of the TV series “House” below:

Listen to the new track on YouTube.

As half of Orbital, Paul Hartnall made the following statement about working with the creative minds behind the latest Netflix comedy:

“We had a lot of fun working with Mike Myers and Tim Kirkby on this series. They really let us off the leash to do our thing. It was a great collaboration.”

Judging by the “Mask”, the cooperation was certainly fruitful. Fans who have bought the album digitally are waiting for many more exciting jams — only 50 tracks, to be exact. Sound lovers can also purchase a vinyl edition, which is coming soon.

Listen to the full soundtrack of Home 2 on June 17

Don’t forget to pre-add a full album featuring a variety of incredible composers, from Garron Chang to Amanda Jones, Camilo Lara, B.J. Burton and many others. See the full track list below:

01. For others — Garron Chang

02. Blind Hope — Garron Chang

03. Years — Garron Chang

04. Carla’s World – Camilo Lara and Demian Galvez

05. Coyoacan — Camilo Lara and Demian Galvez

06. Volcanic Rock — Camilo Lara and Demian Galvez

07. Opening of the Big Arch House — Amanda Jones

08. This place is Amanda Jones

09. Cold – B. J. Burton

10. Rotation — B.J. Burton

11. Down – B.J. Burton

12. Opening of Sag Harbor — Amanda Jones

13. The Original House — Amanda Jones

14. Turning Out the Lights — Christopher Bear

15. A greenhouse was built — Christopher Bear

16. Housing Shortage — Christopher Bear

17. The dream of a vast land — Asuka Matsumiya

18. Bamboo Fantasia — Asuka Matsumiya and Kali Wang

19. Let’s leave some hints together — Camilo Lara

20. When we met in New York – Camilo Lara

21. Library — Camilo Lara

22. “Available” — Adrian Young and Ali Shahid Mohammed.

23. Civil Rights — Adrian Jung and Ali Shahid Mohammed.

24. The End – Adrian Jung and Ali Shahid Muhammad

B.J. Burton is a producer and songwriter, a five—time Grammy Award nominee who has collaborated with artists such as Charli XCX, Miley Cyrus, Bon Iver, Chance the Rapper and many others. His credits as a writer and executive producer include a wide range of albums from Bon Iver and Banks to The Japanese House and Sylvan Esso. He has also produced songs for artists such as Mark Ronson, Kanye West and Lizzo.