Sound systems featured at CES 2021


Consumer Electronics Fair CES 2021 continues at full speed. Some sound systems stand out at the fair, where the latest technologies are introduced and brands are intimidating each other. Sound systems with new generation production technology and design aim to provide a cinema experience in your home.

Four audio systems featured at CES 2021

LG QP5 Eclair

Preferred as a simple alternative to large and complex home theater speaker systems, the new generation sound systems stand out with their compact designs. LG’s new generation sound system also draws attention for this purpose. Featuring Dolby Atmos at 11.7 inches wide and 2.3 inches high, the QP5 Eclair claims to be small enough to accompany even the smallest bedroom TV.

The main speaker, which has five separate drivers, offers 320 watts of power. In addition, the new generation sound system supports 3.1.2 channel sound, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X when paired with a wireless subwoofer. The QP5 Eclair, whose price and features have not yet been fully disclosed, is thought to have a price tag of $ 400.

JBL Bar 5.0 Multibeam Dolby Atmos Soundbar

The new generation JBL Bar with Dolby Atmos stands out as another interesting speaker that appeared at CES 2021. Utilizing beamforming technology for virtualized Dolby Atmos, the JBL Bar is 27 inches wide. Not as compact as the LG QP5, the JBL is thought to fit in most bedrooms or living rooms.

The JBL Bar 5.0 Multibeam, which can work with both Google Assistant and Alexa, will have a $ 400 price tag. The new JBL is claimed to be a great choice for those who want a better TV sound.

Cowin Soundbar

Cowin Audio, which is an unknown brand in sound systems, attracted attention with its affordable sound bar in CES 2021. Introducing its device named Cowin Soundbar, the company offers an assertive look in terms of design. You can also use the soundbar, which you can fit or mount under your TV, by separating it into right and left channels.

It is stated that the Cowin Soundbar, which is not yet known in all its technical features, only supports Bluetooth 4.2 connection, AUX and HDMI for now. The Cowin Soundbar is expected to go on sale in March.

TCL Alto R1

Similar in appearance to its competitors, the TCL Alto R1 is TCL’s first soundbar based on the Roku TV Ready wireless soundbar platform. This means you can wirelessly connect the soundbar to a compatible Roku TV.

Audio delivered wirelessly over Roku’s proprietary wireless audio connection allows you to configure everything with a simple on-screen interface using the included Roku remote control, just like any other Roku TV Ready speaker. In addition to having Bluetooth capability, the TCL Alto R1, whose clear features have not been disclosed yet, is thought to have a mid-range price.


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