Soul: The ending of the movie traumatized the kids!


While Soul, on Disney +, was unanimous among young and old, the writers had not really planned this end! On December 25, Disney + reserved a big surprise for subscribers. Indeed, on the occasion of Christmas, the platform released the film “Soul” from the Pixar studio. The latter was to see the light of day since last June.

Because of the health crisis, “Soul” was never screened in theaters. But now, he is on Disney + for our greatest happiness. This cartoon tells the story of Joe Gardner, a jazz pianist.

As he prepares to make his dream come true, Joe (Disney +) dies and lands in the Soul World. While he must join the Grand-Après, the young man does everything to get back to Earth.

He then meets 22, a soul who has not yet found his reason for living. Eventually, the two souls join Earth, and a great adventure begins for them.

With this depiction of life and death, Pixar propelled viewers into the heart of a complex subject. But the first ending of the film almost traumatized the children. As Joe wants to steal 22 life on Earth, he backs off.


Finally, the pianist realizes that he has lived his life, and that it is 22’s turn to experience it. After a great lesson in life, Jo Gardner (Disney +) has the chance to come back to Earth. The musician can therefore continue to appreciate life.

In an interview with ET media, screenwriter Peter Docter gave some info. Things shouldn’t be like this for Joe. He revealed: “There were clearly two camps”.

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The Soul director also added, “Some felt it was cheating to let him come back to Earth. On the other hand, for the sake of the story, you couldn’t teach this character how to live his life well and then deprive him of it. ”

He also added, “That doesn’t sound like the right way to go. Even so, it was in the first draft of the script. (…) When we watch the film, in each sequence, we have Joe who tells us ‘Wait a moment, I hadn’t experienced this properly before!’ “.

Finally, Peter Docter explained: “Suddenly, it didn’t seem really nice to finish by saying to him” too late, have to go now! ” “.


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