Soul Hackers 2: Tips for creating a team


Soul Hackers 2, like other Japanese role-playing games, relies heavily on battles and victories over the main characters to move forward along the storyline. Saving the world as Ringo, a witty and strong humanoid with artificial intelligence, players team up with demons and demon summoners against their enemies. Players can make key strategic moves in addition to leveling up to strengthen their teams.

Demons are equipped with skills and effects and, like group members, can level up as they win battles and earn experience. Players can use these skills with MP, and as they level up, they gain stronger abilities. Depending on the type of Skills and their effects, this can give players significant advantages in combat. Since the main character is traveling with 3 other characters, there is a chance that 4 demons will be equipped for the team, so with proper planning, a good combination of abilities is possible. Here are tips for creating a team for Soul Hackers 2.

Study the similarity of skills
Skills are classified by kinship. Kinship is the type of power or source underlying a Skill, and some types of Demons are more likely to have certain similarities than others. The various similarities and definitions are listed below:

Physical – hand-to-hand combat. Fire – flame and heat. Electricity – lighting and electric currents. Ruin – poisons and toxicity. Recovery – healing powers. Gunfire is a throwing weapon. Ice is an icy force. Power is psychic power. The Almighty is a great but unknown light force.

Weak and persistent skills

Demon species are weak or resistant to certain skills. This is usually related to the type of species; for example, some species are more likely to use kinship with fire, so they are weak to ice skills and take more damage from them. This is important to know when equipping Demons for group members, because the team takes on the same weaknesses and resistance.

Many types of Demons attack players during dungeon exploration, so a cohesive team will facilitate these encounters. If players use an attack to which their opponent is weak, a stack is created. As soon as 4 stacks appear, Shabbat starts. Sabbaths are powerful group attacks that hit all targets on the field.

Passive connections

Passive abilities are Skills that do not cause damage and act only on the Demon that uses them. Instead, they add privileges such as more MP, or make certain affinities to skills that usually deal damage to the user to zero. This can be the difference between knockout and winning certain battles.

Have dedicated support roles

Some Demons excel in healing, status, and recovery movements. Having at least one support demon in the team will allow players to stay on the field longer or give them advantages. Fairies, in particular, have strong Support skills. Some skills have natural healing abilities for one or more group members, or temporarily enhance their team’s defensive and attacking characteristics. Thus, if a member of the group gets knocked out or gets into a status state, then the support role can use its moves to use the consumable item to treat him. There are also Skills that will change what players are weak or resistant to.

Equip the Summoner Mystics

The Summoner’s mystique goes hand in hand with the Demon’s Skills. These can be Augments, Boosts, or Arcana. They are classified by rank, and higher-rank Mistique requires COMP updates. Mystics are named depending on the properties they enhance, i.e. Strengthening Ruins I, I, Strengthening Ruins II and Strengthening Ruins III. Players can get Mystics by leveling up their Demons. Once the Demons have learned the maximum number of Skills available, they will present a Mystic to show their appreciation and strengthen their bond with Ringo. Players can coordinate the demons and skills of their group members with their Mistique to boost their strength. However, some Mistiques are incompatible with certain group members, so not every combination works. Experiment with match-ups to maximize your team strategy.

Soul Hackers 2 is already available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox 1 and PC.


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