Soul Hackers 2: rating of each game character


The band members are one of the most important parts of the JRPG. A good party is the difference between life and death, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Shin Megami Tensei series, where lack of preparation can mean the end of the game.

In Soul Hackers 2, there are only four members of the group, which means that there is no need to make a decision about who to leave on the front line and who to leave behind. Also, the abilities of most members of the group are based on the equipped demon, not on their own abilities. However, some members of the group are still better than others, and the growth of some characters should be prioritized over others.

4 arrow

Arrow is the first character that Ringo will hire into his group, being a shooter from the Yatagarasu summoner group. Strela is a man of justice who wants to change the nihilistic, corrupt world in which he lives for the better. He has the highest VIT score of the entire group, which makes him the most persistent member of the cast. In general, however, the Arrow is rather a jack—of-all-trades, capable of performing many roles, never succeeding in any of them.

COMP Arrow’s improvements mainly focus on shooting skills, increasing his ability to deal damage and deal critical hits with them, as well as using less MP. He also gains skills that also reduce the chance of being ambushed by enemies. His summoner skills are also useful, increasing the experience gained in certain situations and increasing the chance of obtaining items with Demon Recon. While Arrow is certainly a useful member of the group, he is also the least impressive of the group as he lacks the potential to deal damage or to play a strong support role.

3 Sizo

Sizo is the latest character to join the party and a witty freelance summoner looking for his ex-girlfriend. Saizo wants to live without worries, although he feels limited by what he considers the Summoner’s karma. Saizo sacrifices STR and INT to have a high AGI, which increases the likelihood that he will walk first in any particular fight. Saizo excels as a minor character, either in healing or in dealing buffs and debuffs.

Saizo’s COMP upgrades also improve his shooting skills, but also give him unique advantages, such as throwing an extra attack from time to time or making enemies lose consciousness. His other COMP skills and many of his summoner skills focus on items, increasing the chance of dropping out, and the chance to get additional rare items during Demon Recon. He even has skills that increase the power of the items used and even use the item without spending it. Additionally, the Healing Stack allows him to contribute to the Stack even while healing, so he can still increase Sabbaths damage by playing a supporting role. Although Saizo has no damage potential, he is a strong support character.

2 My Lady

Milady is a sharp woman who used to be a member of the Ghost Society, a faction of summoners trying to end the world. Apparently betrayed by the Iron Mask, Milady is looking for answers to the reasons for her alleged murder. Milady has the highest Intelligence in the group, which makes her a strong caster. Although her strength is low, she is also capable of dealing physical damage, which makes her the best damager in the group.

Milady’s COMP upgrades give her increased physical skills, as well as a unique Impaler attack that deals Almighty damage instead of physical damage. It can also increase the chance to carry out a bonus attack on knocked down opponents. Her summoner skills mainly focus on MP recovery, which allows her to use powerful skills in protracted battles. She can also contribute to the Stack after causing ailments, which allows her to increase Sabbat damage without even affecting weaknesses. Milady’s low HP can make it difficult to keep her alive, especially if one of her weaknesses is hit, but it’s worth keeping her alive so she can continue to deal damage.

1 Ringo

Ringo is the protagonist of Soul Hackers 2, a synthetic life form created by Aion to stop the end of the world. Ringo is interested in the human world and approaches everything with healthy enthusiasm and curiosity. Ringo has fairly balanced stats, and her LUK is the highest of the whole group. Like the Arrow, Ringo is a jack—of-all-trades, capable of dealing damage, healing and decently applying buffs and debuffs.

Ringo’s COMP upgrades give her the ability to scan enemies’ weaknesses and increase the number of demons she can hold at the same time. In addition, her summoner skills give her the ability to save MP costs, sometimes gain additional actions and increase the number of skills that Demons can know at the same time.


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