Soprano Family: Warner Calls On Series Creator To Launch Spin-Off


Soprano Family: In an interview with Deadline, published this Thursday (21), screenwriter David Chase commented on the possibility of creating a prequel series that would follow on from the movie The Many Saints of Newark, a work by HBO set in the universe of the Soprano Family.

Formally closed in June 2007 after the release of six seasons, The Sopranos was one of the most popular American dramas of the beginning of the century, winning 21 Emmys and 6 Golden Globes in just over eight years of airing.

After a long time on hiatus, director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) decided to revive the mafia universe by producing The Many Saints of Newark, which takes place a few decades before the original plot.

Now, screenwriter David Chase, aka the show’s mastermind, suggests an interest in returning to the Soprano Family universe, releasing a sequel to Taylor’s film in episodic format for HBO. The news was reinforced by Ann Sarnoff, CEO of WarnerMedia, who revealed that she was in advanced conversations “with David about a new series, related to The Sopranos, on HBO Max.”

“You see the Sopranos appear in the top ten of the series seen on the service and it’s given them a whole new life,” added Sarnoff. “Literally raised the whole Sopranos franchise in a new way. You can’t just measure at the box office.”

Previously, Chase had commented that he would accept to do any potential story that would follow on from The Many Saints of Newark, but with one condition. “There’s only one way for me to do this, and that would be if Terry and I could write the script together. That I would do.” In this case, Terry Winter worked alongside Chase as a co-writer in the prequel film.

So far, HBO hasn’t commented on details about a possible revival of the series. It remains then to wait for more details about the production.


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