Sophie Turner unveils a new message t-shirt on Instagram!


Sophie Turner is particularly fond of her message t-shirt. Yes, Joe Jonas’ sweetheart even showed it on Insta!

On Insta, Sophie Turner unveiled a brand new message t-shirt. And frankly, the actress seems to be a fan of it!

Sophie Turner has a busy life. Indeed, this year alone, the darling of Joe Jonas turned for a clip of the Jonas Brothers, starred in the series Survive, and will soon do the dubbing of Princess Charlotte for an animated series on the British royal family. Awesome, isn’t it?

Especially since this year, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcomed their first child! Yes, last July, little Willa entered the life of the couple! So cute !

However, despite her life at two hundred dollars an hour, Sophie Turner likes to take time for herself! So, on Insta, we can sometimes see her in rest mode, in her favorite t-shirt.

Speaking of which, the pretty blonde just showed off her brand new favorite Story t-shirt.

Shall we show you?


On Insta, Sophie Turner regularly appears in chill out mode, without makeup, resting with her darling Joe Jonas. Yep, the flagship Game of Thrones actress enjoys making time for herself, resting and enjoying her family!

In fact, yesterday, the young mother was caught walking her daughter outside in her pajamas!

And today seems like another day off for the actress. Indeed, on Insta, the latter was displayed in her favorite message t-shirt!

Yep, the actress is a fan of the message t-shirt. And frankly, this one is pretty cool!

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Indeed, it is a black t-shirt, on which we can read “Get your emotions in motion” that is to say, “Turn your emotions on. ”

In short, a top pun, which we validate!


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