Sophie Turner to show her daughter Willa in her pajamas!


Sophie Turner doesn’t hesitate to go out in her pajamas for a little walk with her daughter, Willa! A real golden mom!

Like a true golden mom, Sophie Turner didn’t hesitate to go out in her pajamas to take her daughter Willa for a walk!

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been living a very beautiful love story for a few years now. Indeed, despite their significant age difference (Joe Jonas is 7 years older than Sophie Turner), the couple that was formed in 2016 continues! Very cool !

Moreover, after an engagement in 2017, followed by a dream wedding in the South of France in 2019, the star couple recently welcomed their first child! A little girl named Willa! So cute !

And frankly, in their little family life, Joe Jonas and her wife seem really fulfilled. Yes, the couple who recently celebrated their 3 years of engagement, remain ultra fusional!

Besides, Sophie Turner seems to be a real mother hen with her daughter. Yes, the young woman was even seen, in pajamas outside, to walk the little Willa. Adorable, right?

We tell you more!


Sophie Turner is a golden mom. Yes, Joe Jonas’s wife takes care of her daughter, little Willa, born last July like a pro.

In fact, the Game of Thrones actress doesn’t hesitate to brave the paparazzi, and go out in her pajamas, to take her little girl for a walk.

In fact, Sophie Turner was spotted walking little Willa, while she was in her pajamas.

Finally, more exactly, the actress wore a Puma sweatshirt, paired with black flared pants and chunky black sneakers as well.

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Little Willa, meanwhile, was in a pretty black stroller, covered with a pink patterned blanket.

And frankly, for this little improvised outing, the mother daughter duo is just top!


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