Sophie Turner reveals her tattoo for her daughter Willa!


Young mom Sophie Turner gets a tattoo in tribute to her daughter Willa! We’ll give you more details. Sophie Turner unveils an adorable tattoo in tribute to her daughter Willa!

The young actress gets a new tattoo. This is in addition to the many others she already has.

And like his other tattoos, this one also has a specific meaning. In fact, Sophie Turner had a small W tattooed on her wrist.

We can imagine that it was in tribute to her daughter Willa that the young woman had this letter tattooed. You should know that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are the happy parents of a little girl born last July.

It was on an Actress Story that her fans discovered her new tattoo. But the young woman is not her first. And the others make just as much sense as this one.

Sophie Turner dévoile son touchant tatouage pour sa fille Willa !


The letter W tattooed on Sophie Turner’s skin is therefore located on the wrist. We also notice a tattooed J right next to it.

The young woman had a J tattoo in 2018. In tribute to her husband Joe Jonas. It’s a tattoo that both spouses have in common.

But that’s not all. She also has a G tattooed on her right pinky finger. Here, the young mother pays homage to her grandfather.

Sophie Turner also has other, equally meaningful tattoos. We think of the wolf’s head, emblem of House Stark in Game of Thrones.

She also has a tattoo in common with her brother Will. It is an infinite triangle, with the Greek signs lambda, epsilon, and phi.

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The young woman also has an X tattooed on her skin. A reference to his role in X-Men in 2016.

She also has an invisible tattoo. 07.08.09. This is a tattoo in common with Maisie Williams. This is the date the two young women learned they were going to be part of the Game of Thrones cast.


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