Sophie Turner ready to play in Lizzie McGuire’s reboot?


Does actress Sophie Turner want to play in the reboot of the series “Lizzie McGuire”? We give you more details!

Does Sophie Turner really want to play in Lizzie McGuire’s reboot?

Sophie Turner has become famous for her role in the cult series Game of Thrones. But also for his fabulous looks on the red carpet.

What you did not know, however, is that the actress is also known for her sense of humor! Fans have a super fan of his very spontaneous and natural character.

Indeed they also love it when Sophie Turner has fun teasing other people. This is what she loves to do lately on social networks.

Besides, last week the young woman took the opportunity to give her opinion on various subjects. Like for example the use of TikTok, the film Parasite or Leonardo DiCaprio.

And finally, the actress has a quick comment on Lizzie McGuire’s reboot. We tell you more.

Sophie Turner is therefore shocked to know that the production of the Lizzie McGuire series has come to a complete halt. In fact, the director himself has left the team.

But Sophie Turner also wonders if production will continue anyway. Besides, the young woman announced openly that she would be very interested in the role!

“I’m here, I’m the new Miranda” launches the young actress speaking to her camera. She also insists that her fans support her if they agree with her.

At the bottom of the video, we hear her husband Jonas laugh at the situation. In any case, for the moment, the film crew will not be making any important decisions.

Besides, fans will have to wait a little longer to know whether or not production of the show will resume. When they had already shot 2 episodes. Case to follow.


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