Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas support the Black Lives Matter


Sophie Turner and her darling Joe Jonas are mobilizing for the Black Lives Matter movement! We tell you more.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas support the Black Lives Matter movement.

The death of George Floyd a few days ago caused a worldwide uprising. Indeed, the indignation has crossed the American borders.

Several demonstrations have taken place in major cities around the world. This is also the case in Paris.

Beyond that, many stars have mobilized. Many of them joined the Black Lives Matter movement.

Many have also shown their support. Indeed, Kanye West for example has made huge donations to associations.

Other celebrities also participated in the protests. Some even ended up in police custody.

This is the case, for example, of Cole Sprouse. He was arrested during a Black Lives Matter demonstration.


Indeed, Sophie Turner and her husband participated Saturday in the demonstration of the Black Lives Matter movement. Besides, it was held in California.

The couple were also with a couple of friends. During the demonstration Sophie Turner was holding a sign. “The silence of whites is violence” could be read.

The young woman also sang with the demonstrators. ” No justice, no peace “.

Sophie Turner therefore showed her support for the movement. Besides, on her Instagram account, she shared photos of the demonstration.

One of his subscribers dared to cry out to him, “They were arrested and charged with murder. Can we stop now? ” A remark which shocked Sophie Turner who decides to answer him.

“It’s not just for its 4 policemen!” It is also for Breonna Taylor, for Trayvon Martin, for Eric Garner, for all the injustices done to blacks for hundreds of years! “Writes the actress.

Finally, the young woman is mobilizing for a better world! Well done.


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