Sophie Turner: Franklin Jonas is proving to be a TikTok star


Sophie Turner’s brother-in-law Franklin Jonas has become a real TikTok star. Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!

Sophie Turner’s brother-in-law Franklin Jonas became a TikTok star in an Insta post.

Sophie Turner’s in-laws are ultra tight-knit. And for good reason, with his two brothers Nick, and Kevin, Joe Jonas formed the group of Jonas Brothers.

Today, The Jonas Brothers are known the world over. And for good reason, in addition to being Disney Channel stars, the three brothers are music stars.

But beware: in reality, the Jonas Brothers are four!

Indeed, Franklin Jonas, known as “Frankie”, and the youngest of the Jonas family. And although he’s not as famous as her brothers, Sophie Turner’s brother-in-law has still appeared in Disney series linked to the Jonas Brothers!

And guess what: failing to think of himself as a music star like his brothers, Franklin Jonas thinks he is a TikTok star. Just that !

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more straight away!


Franklin Jonas may not be part of his group of brothers, the Jonas Brothers, but he is still very close to them.

In fact, Sophie Turner’s brother-in-law regularly finds his older brothers to spend time with them.

So inevitably, after his last post, one of his brothers reacted.

Indeed, on Insta, Frankie Jonas showed up with a multi-colored cardigan, big blue glasses with a tag, and thought of himself as a TikTok star. Indeed, with humor, the young man wrote in description of his post:

“I am a TikTok star. ”

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At least the message is clear!

And of course, seeing this totally offbeat post, Joe Jonas couldn’t help but react. Yes, Frankie’s big brother published his post in his own Story, commenting on “Legend”.

Yep, there are only legends in the Jonas family!


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